With our rich knowledge and expertise, Advanced Footcare Group offers dependable foot care services in and around the Brighton area.
Our feet are among the strongest working parts of our body, yet the last to have any attention. However, this is the time to revive your soles with a natural scrubs, soothers and softeners including a basic foot care routine from us that is guaranteed to put a new spring in your feet which make them soft and moist.

Be it heel pain, Gout, foot pain, Orthotics, Ganglion Cysts, Ingrown toe nails, Bunions, Hallus Rigidus, Runner’s injuries, Flexible Flatfoot, Haglund’s Deformity, Hammertoe or Chronic Ankle Instability, our detailed treatment process begins by counseling you on your diagnosis and treatment options, which our staff strives to provide on regular basis.
Our chiropodists and staff specialize in diagnoses and treatment of your foot condition at an early stage. They will with patience pay attention to your issues, thereafter use the latest technologies and treatments to treat them.
Furthermore, our experienced podiatrists at Brighton have the knowledge and expertise to deal with any form of disorder in your foot or ankle. Not only that, they are committed to the development of innovative solutions to common foot problems.
At Advanced Footcare Group, we pay attention to your symptoms and provide you with a personalized therapy program to return you to those routines you prefer the most.
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