Bunions Dorking

Specialised Treatment for Bunions in Dorking

If you are experiencing excruciating pain at the base of your big toe, visit us as soon as you can. Our team of specialised orthopaedics and podiatrists at Advanced Footcare can easily remove Bunions in Dorking and help you get back to your everyday life. If you start to notice a structural bump at the base of your big toe, this is a sign that you may have a bunion. We use advanced surgical tools to remove the swollen tissue from the joints.

We are a trusted name for the conventional treatment of bunions in Dorking. At Advanced Footcare, we aim for a quick recovery with minimal trauma. Our podiatrists and surgeons can easily remove bunions, realign the big toe’s long bone, and straighten the big toe’s bones. They know that the severity of bunions may vary among different individuals and design the treatment procedures as per the needs of the patients. For those who have arthritis, our podiatrists also advise particular medications.

Visit Our Podiatrists If You Notice These Bunion Symptoms

Try to recognise the early symptoms of bunions if you don’t want the issue to become more complicated. Few common signs indicating that you should visit the Podiatrists at Advanced Footcare have been stated below,

  • Minimal movement of the big toe.
  • Swelling and redness on the sides of the big toe and joints
  • Occurrence of corns and calluses due to collisions between big and small toes
  • Pain in the toenail while wearing covered shoes
  • Visible big bumps on the joint of the big toe
  • Toe pain that is persistent for a long time

Why choose our podiatry treatment?

We have a team of orthopaedics, podiatrists, chiropodists and surgeons at the Dorking clinic of Advanced Footcare. A visit to our clinic will help you solve any lower limb issues. Our experts believe in using easy methods of treatment. For bunions in Dorking, our initial approach is non-surgical. However, for complex cases, we have an expert team of surgeons for your service. 

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Irrespective of your feet condition, Advanced Footcare is a dependable clinic in Dorking that can end your painful days. For advice on the wide range of treatment options, please book your appointment with us. Call us and book dates at your convenience.

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