Diabetics Checks

Diabetics Checks

Have you checked your feet today? When you keep a check on your feet, you extend the wellbeing of your body parts. Since feet give you maximum support while standing, walking, running, jogging or performing various other activities, it is important that you give this lower body parts, the care it deserves. Here are some things for you to know. Higher blood sugar level can affect one or both of your feet. Sometimes a minor foot issue, can effect your way of life because of diabetes.

What Diabetic Patients Need to Know? 

Visit Advanced Foot Care if you have diabetes because you may not know that an infection which may be appearing negligible to you can lead to a threatening condition.  When you visit Advanced Foot Care for regular diabetes check, our chiropodists will take off your footwear, socks or any dressing covering your feet. Later your feet will be examined and also tested with the help our specialist equipment. Our professionals will look for any infection, soreness, ulcers, hard skin or inflammation before diagnosing and treating the issue.

Get diabetes checked today at Advanced Foot care.

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