Don’t Leave Athlete’s Foot Untreated

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08 01-2020
Don’t Leave Athlete’s Foot Untreated

Those of you who are hearing the term “Athlete’s foot” for the first time may need some insight into the condition. The syndrome is otherwise referred to as a fungal infection which develops in the skin of the lower extremities of the body, namely the feet. Toe-nail fungus mostly occurs from athlete’s foot and further spreads to other toes. Athlete’s nail spreads quickly. If you are experiencing similar conditions, visit a chiropodist in Surrey for immediate assistance.

Surprising yet true, jock itch and athlete’s foot happen from an infestation of the same fungus. The fungus is named as dermatophyte and may further lead to ringworm infestation. The fungus thrives in a moist and warm environment and is known to feed on keratin. Keratin is a protein which is found in nails, hair and skin. Even the symptoms are the same. People suffering from Athlete’s foot experience scaly patches, which may spread very fast and sometimes may reach out to the groin leading to jock itch.

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The common symptoms of Athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot can trigger various symptoms most of which have been mentioned below:

  • Scaly and itchy rashes between toes
  • Dry or scaly skin at the sides of the foot and along the soles
  • Red sores leaking smelly fluid

If you are experiencing any of these, it’s time to visit a chiropodist in Surrey who may be able to provide you with the right kind of treatment to get rid of this painful foot condition. Sometimes the fungus spreads quickly to the groin and the hands and may lead to life-threatening results. Diabetic people may face more pain and severity of the condition. Hence a timely visit to a chiropodist in Surrey is necessary.

Fungal nails can happen any time; though adults especially seniors are prone to experiencing such painful foot condition. When toenails crack, the fungus penetrates through nail beds and start multiplying. It happens mostly among seniors who face lower blood circulation. Weakened immune systems are often found to be the main cause behind such infestation. Contact a chiropodist in dorking, Surrey and get treated for fungal nails.

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