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Orthotics foot solutions are recommended for people who are suffering from lower limb issues.

Foot Orthotics are specially designed to support different foot structures; they are custom-made for any size or shape and offer support at different levels. We offer prescription orthotics that are of the highest technical quality and resilience that provides maximum control in all sports. All our orthotics for construction with using 3-D technology and we can provide 3-D printed orthotics on request.

Injuries such as achilles tendonitis, runners’ knee and hamstrings are common amongst runners. They can be very painful; however, impediments should not stop you from pursuing your greater goal.
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Sometimes, tissues, ligaments and joints get damaged due to regular wear and tear. If you are an athlete, the chances are that at some point you may experience pain in the foot or lower limbs.
We encourage our patients suffering from runners’ injury to speak with our podiatrists and chiropodists for advice and treatment.
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Sometimes mobility can become challenging; this is where we can help. If you want to have a routine check-up for your feet or you need a podiatrist’s help due to issues or pain you may be experiencing, we can pay a visit to your home.
We offer professional treatment from the comfort of your own home. Our podiatry specialists will make a case study and recommend a treatment best suited to your needs.

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We offer visco elastic injections that contain hyaluronic acid. This is injected into the space in the joint that contains synovial fluid and works by restoring the normal balance between the breakdown and production hyaluronic acid. The effect of the injection means that it can reduce pain and stiffness and improve the other symptoms of osteoarthritis.
A solution of highly concentrated hyaluronic acid is injected into the tendon sheath to lubricate between layers of tissue to eliminate friction. The lubricating characteristics of hyaluronic acid increase tendon gliding and reduce agglutinations (stickiness). The tendon can work again as if well-oiled. Furthermore, hyaluronic acid blocks pain receptors, hinders inflammatory mediators and is a good transport medium for nutrients. Steroid injections – these are used to reduce inflammation and pain in both acute and chronic conditions
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