Podiatry Redhill

Expert Podiatry in Redhill

Advanced Footcare is the one-stop solution for all foot, heel, knee, ankle and lower limb problems. We have some of the most talented and HCPC registered podiatrists who are reliable and recommended within Redhill. Our feet are a support system of our body, so taking good care of our legs is necessary.
We always advise our clients not to neglect even the minor pain in their feet, ankle, or lower body parts. Even if you don’t have foot pain, it’s a good idea to get it checked out by our podiatrists. They will examine the hard skin, check your toenails, and suggest the types of shoes that will make your long walks more comfortable.
Our vision is to produce instant remedies for your foot problems such as foot issues related to sports, ingrown toenails, heel pains and bunions. We can also offer orthotics and treatment for runner injuries.

Signs You Should Visit Our Podiatrist

Do you have flat feet? Are you suffering from Achilles tendonitis? Advanced Foot Care is here to give you a pain-free life. We are located in the middle of a busy town in Reigate Road. Our team of podiatrists are trained to take care of all kinds of foot problems. Neglecting those can complicate the issue even further. Visit our podiatrist if you experience any of the points stated below,

  • Numbness and swelling in feet
  • Consistent heel pain hindering long-standing hours
  • Sprained or broken ankle or knee
  • Fungal infection giving rise to athlete’s feet
  • Bony bump resulting in bunions
  • Painful ingrown toenail

Why Choose us for Podiatry in Redhill?

  • We have an experienced team of podiatrists and Chiropodists providing complete foot care solutions.
  • We can provide specialised services such as treating injuries of athletes and Orthotics.
  • We can give comprehensive consultations on different types of pain and their solutions.
  • We offer comfortable home treatment for patients who can’t move.

Book Your Consultation

To discuss Chiropody to get rid of your foot problems, call Advanced Footcare and book an appointment with one of our expert podiatrists at the earliest. They will make sure that you can move about freely.

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