Runner Injuries

Runner Injuries

Injuries such as Achilles Tendonitis, runners’ knee and Hamstrings are painful conditions. However, impediments should not stop you from pursuing your greater goals. At Advanced Foot Care Group, we have a panel of practitioners and surgeons to assess and recommend the best possible cure.

Effective and Less Invasive Cure 

If you want to be back on your feet with less invasive regenerative options, call us now at Advanced Foot Care. We will treat your injured joints, muscles and bones with care and precision. If you have a damaged foot, which gives you intolerable pain, just think of us. We can easily treat injuries and sprains. Even if the injury gets severe and too painful, our chiropodists and podiatrists will recommend necessary medical assistance for restoring to a healthy foot condition.

Trust Us to Get Faster Healing For a Runners’ Injury 

Sometimes, tissues, ligaments and joints get damaged due to regular wear and tear. Especially if you are an athlete, chances are high that at some point of time you may feel pressure or tremendous pain in the foot and lower limbs. Under such circumstances inflammation becomes evident. We have a team of physiotherapists who are knowledgeable and skilled enough to treat such issues. Our experts ensure shorter recovery span. We encourage our patients suffering from runners’ injury to speak with our podiatrists and chiropodists for advice and treatment for a complete cure.

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