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Providing Access to Elite Level Sports Medical Care

Due to being particularly active, if you struggle with a constant sense of discomfort in your feet and legs, you can seek help from us. At Advanced Footcare Group, we specialise in advanced Sports Podiatry in Redhill and the surrounding areas. We offer high-level assistance by treating athletes and non-athletes who suffer from acute or persistent sports injuries. We promise you that nothing prevents you from undergoing training and practice. We find instant remedies that are comforting and long-lasting.

Podiatry: Serving You in Sickness and Health

Podiatry is a branch of medical science devoted to studying, diagnosing, and treating foot, ankle, and lower leg disorders. A podiatrist, also known as the foot doctor, is the physician or surgeon who treats the foot, ankle and connecting parts of the leg.

Sports Podiatry involves treating lower limb complications. Athletes who suffer from flat arch or weak ankles seek solutions through high standard assessment and diagnosis. The doctors also prescribe fitting footwear and guide them through a muscle strengthening routine to improve foot health.


Getting Rid of Foot Problems

Advanced Footcare Group is a well-known sports podiatry clinic in Redhill offering guaranteed foot care and diagnosis for all sports-related problems. With several years of experience in the industry, they have an excellent reputation in treating lower limb injuries, chronic foot and ankle problems. The podiatrist recommends gait analysis techniques, orthotics, physical therapy, rehab and footwear advice.

The practitioners and surgeons have expertise in providing result based treatment to provide relief to all casual and sport athletes. With years of clinical experience in helping the people of Redhill, we have understood your specifications well enough. We, therefore, ensure you excellent injury and fracture analysis to improve sports performance within a short period.

Advanced Sports Footcare For A Lifetime

The group of trained and expert sports podiatrists perform comprehensive foot assessments for the residents of Redhill and the surrounding areas. They confidently perform their treatment services using state of the art equipment to deal with varying foot problems, Heel Pain and issues caused by physical sports activities. They conduct a full biochemical assessment and specific testing to examine foot and leg alignment and stability. Consequently, they offer advanced treatments for performance enhancement and injury recovery.

We aim to keep every sports person fit, healthy and resilient.

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