Bunion Treatment

A bunion is the protruding of tissues or bones around the big toe’s base. Gradually this big toe moves towards the smaller toes. Bunions generally affect people with flat feet or low arches and the severity will depend on the individual.

Our Orthopaedic specialists have decades of experience in helping with the treatment of bunions.

Our specialists will first assess the severity and then suggest the best treatment option.
Patients suffering from bunions caused due to arthritis will be advised to use medications to reduce the swelling and pain.

4 Easy Methods Of Bunion Treatments Offered By Us

  • Removal of the swollen tissue from the big toe joint.
  • Remove a part of the bone from the big toe to straighten it.
  • Permanently joining the bones of the affected area.
  • Realign the long bone in the big toe joint to straighten out the abnormal angle.

Why Approach Advanced Footcare For Bunion Treatment?

  • Our podiatrists have knowledge and expertise to deal with all sorts of bunions.
  • We can offer affordable treatments to patients without private health insurance policies.
  • We offer a quote for a single fee which comprises, pre-operative, intraoperative and post-operative expenses.

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