Surgical Consultations

Surgical Consultations

Whether its podiatry or chiropody, Advanced Foot Care is the name to count on when you are looking for special foot care. Sometimes even after paying proper attention to your feet, the inevitable may happen. You may incur a foot disease or injury that will need surgical intervention. Call us right away for a surgical consultation.

Surgical Consultation at Advanced Foot Care Group 

We understand that infections, diseases or injuries are unpredictable. They can happen at any time and may wreck your life. Whether it’s chronic pain, fungal infection, plantar fasciitis or any kind of nerve disorder, our podiatry and chiropody teams will assess a problem before recommending a surgical consultation.

Surgical Consultation for Diabetes Patients 

There can be a myriad of diseases, infections and injuries affecting your foot. You can visit us for a surgical consultation if you are diabetic, to prevent further damage.  Sometimes, reduced blood circulation to the feet can inhibit healing, causing further infection which may demand surgical intervention. Call us now for surgical consultation.

Surgeons to Help You with Long Term Healing 

At Advanced Foot Care Group we have a panel of surgeons who are qualified and certified for practicing minor to major surgeries. Every podiatric surgeon from the group have cleared special exams where their surgical skills and knowledge have been assessed. These specialists are constantly trained to stay up to date with trending aspects related to the field. In order to practice lawfully, every podiatrist has to renew their license yearly.

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