Get Medical Assistance From a Chiropodist to Cure Fungal Toenails

If you are diagnosed with fungal toe-nails by a chiropodist in Surrey and dont know anything about the condition, it’s important that you gain insight on the subject. Such fungal infection is scientifically referred to as tinea unguium. The condition shows up mostly among the elderly. Due to such fungal infection the toenails thicken and turn painful. Seeking medical assistance under such scenarios becomes vital. Only a renowned chiropodist in Surrey can address the issue. In most cases, fungal toenails may take months to cure. In order to avoid fungal toenails, seeking time to time foot care is essential.

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People who are at the risk of developing fungal toenails

Fungal toenails are a common syndrome. The fact is toe-nails are most likely to get affected with such fungal infection. People in their sixties are more likely to experience fungal toe-nails. Younger people are at risk as well. Athletes and sometimes swimmers get affected by fungal toenails. A major reason is because of their prolong exposure to waters; athletes who have to wear covered sports shoes for prolonged periods of time also face fungal toenails.

The main causes for developing fungal toe-nails 

  • Fungal toenails develop from fungus-infected skin. The athlete’s foot, a fungal infection occurs in toes. Later it spreads to toenails.
  • Fungal toenails can also turn out to be a major reason for fingernail infections. The fungus mostly spreads from toes which become itchy when affected by the fungus. Repeated scratching of the toes spreads the infection.
  • Also fungal toenails develop when an individual stays exposed to water for prolonged periods, daily. Chefs, hairdressers, and cleaners most often suffer from fungal toenails. Constant wetness of the feet or fingers causes this painful condition.
  • Sometimes toe-nails which get damaged are likely to get infected due to fungal growth. If you have recently got injured or have experienced damage to your toe-nail, rush to visit a chiropodist in Surrey. The expert will address the condition for you.

Sometimes fungal toe-nails arise from various diseases which mostly include diabetes; poor circulation related problems, psoriasis and impaired immune system. Whatever the cause may be, remember to seek expert advice from a chiropodist in Surrey.

Don’t Leave Athlete’s Foot Untreated

Those of you who are hearing the term “Athlete’s foot” for the first time may need some insight into the condition. The syndrome is otherwise referred to as a fungal infection which develops in the skin of the lower extremities of the body, namely the feet. Toe-nail fungus mostly occurs from athlete’s foot and further spreads to other toes. Athlete’s nail spreads quickly. If you are experiencing similar conditions, visit a chiropodist in Surrey for immediate assistance.

Surprising yet true, jock itch and athlete’s foot happen from an infestation of the same fungus. The fungus is named as dermatophyte and may further lead to ringworm infestation. The fungus thrives in a moist and warm environment and is known to feed on keratin. Keratin is a protein which is found in nails, hair and skin. Even the symptoms are the same. People suffering from Athlete’s foot experience scaly patches, which may spread very fast and sometimes may reach out to the groin leading to jock itch.

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The common symptoms of Athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot can trigger various symptoms most of which have been mentioned below:

  • Scaly and itchy rashes between toes
  • Dry or scaly skin at the sides of the foot and along the soles
  • Red sores leaking smelly fluid

If you are experiencing any of these, it’s time to visit a chiropodist in Surrey who may be able to provide you with the right kind of treatment to get rid of this painful foot condition. Sometimes the fungus spreads quickly to the groin and the hands and may lead to life-threatening results. Diabetic people may face more pain and severity of the condition. Hence a timely visit to a chiropodist in Surrey is necessary.

Fungal nails can happen any time; though adults especially seniors are prone to experiencing such painful foot condition. When toenails crack, the fungus penetrates through nail beds and start multiplying. It happens mostly among seniors who face lower blood circulation. Weakened immune systems are often found to be the main cause behind such infestation. Contact a chiropodist in dorking, Surrey and get treated for fungal nails.

Don’t Let Bunions Become a Cause of Worry

Are you suffering from bunions? Lack of knowledge on bunions can worsen the situation for anyone. Do you know what is even worse, when people are unaware of the fact that they are actually suffering from a deformity like bunion? A bunion can be easily treated by a chiropodist in dorking. It is a bony bump which can develop right where the big toe is located in the foot.

It’s not a one day story 

Yes! Absolutely correct bunions don’t happen in a day or two. They occur after the toe is being regularly pressurised for years. When the toe joint faces too much pressure it causes the big toe to incline to the adjacent area causing a protrusion, which can be called as a bump. Since this is a major deformity, it can lead to massive pain and can prohibit someone’s ability to walk. Even wearing shoes can become difficult because of bunions.

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Who can experience bunions? 

Bunions can occur at any age. Both men and women can face this deformity; yet it is said that women are more prone to experience bunions because of their tendency to wear shoes that have narrow and pointed edges. These shoes destroy the alignment of the toes and puts excessive pressure on them. As a result of wearing these shoes, ladies are likely to develop bunions.

Bunion relief 

You can find relief by consulting a chiropodist in Dorking. The expert may suggest you to wear wider shoes. A wider pair of shoes will generally have enough room for toes to comfortably sit on the sole.

A quick insight into the anatomy 

The big toes comprise two primary joints. Among these two joints the biggest one is called the metartarsophalangeal joint.  This joint is also where the big toe’s first bone meets the toe bone referred to as the phalanx. Bunions occur at the metartarsophalangeal joint.

The progress of a bunion 

Bunions don’t occur over a day’s time. They start from a little bump and then grow big. Bunions worsen over time when a person unknowingly continues to wear shoes which are not comfortable. As the MTP joint moves with every step an individual takes, an uncomfortable movement worsens the condition of the joint and makes it really painful for the individual. Under such conditions it is vital to meet a well qualified and renowned chiropodist in surrey who will be able to diagnose the problem and find a proper cure.

Get Immediate Cure for Painful Heel Conditions

One of the commonest complaints by people, heel pain demands immediate attention as it can further lead to complications which may turn fatal for patients. The painful situation arises when an individual faces an ankle or foot disorder for some reason. How many of you have encountered under-surface foot pain or ache at the hind region of the heel? While in earlier days, this pain was common among people in their mid-fifties and sixties, today the problem surfaces among individuals in their thirties or so. Most of the times, patients complain that ache intensifies, prohibiting them from making further movements. Imagine if you were to face this situation where you will be forced to stay stationed at a place because of tremendous pain at the heel. If you consult a chiropodist in Surrey, you can, however, be recommended some medication and exercise to alleviate the pain and finally find a cure.

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The factors leading to foot or heel pain

There are several factors that trigger heel pain and if you visit a chiropodist in Dorking, you will eventually learn how they are caused. If recently you are unable to stand on your foot for long, difficulties in walking, running or while doing any activity, you may need to visit a specialist soon. Plantar fasciitis is one of the conditions which may inhibit lower limb reliance of a person. This is a disorder where the thick fibrous structure present between the heel and the toe gets swollen. When treated without delay, the condition can be cured fast. Did you know the most common factor triggering such painful disorder can be the footwear you regularly slip into? Plantar fasciitis can also occur when a person is suffering from obesity, where his foot can no longer bear the weight of the upper or lower parts of the body. Anomalous foot mechanism can cause this. So, watch what you eat and don’t put on weight as this can hinder your regular movements. For any difficulty that you may be facing pertaining to foot pain, consult a chiropodist in Surrey.

Achilles Tendonitis

The tendon known as the Achilles tendon is the biggest and also the strongest of all tendons present in our body. The calf muscle is connected to your heel bone because of this tendon, which mostly allows you to walk, jump or even run. Achilles tendonitis is basically an inflammation of the tendon which happens due to stress or overuse. Sometimes patients ignore the condition, and this results in a chronic condition otherwise called the Achilles tendonitis. To avoid such situations from cropping up it is needful that a person seeks advanced treatment from a recognised Chiropodist in Surrey.

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