Get Medical Assistance From a Chiropodist to Cure Fungal Toenails

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05 03-2020
Get Medical Assistance From a Chiropodist to Cure Fungal Toenails

If you are diagnosed with fungal toe-nails by a chiropodist in Surrey and dont know anything about the condition, it’s important that you gain insight on the subject. Such fungal infection is scientifically referred to as tinea unguium. The condition shows up mostly among the elderly. Due to such fungal infection the toenails thicken and turn painful. Seeking medical assistance under such scenarios becomes vital. Only a renowned chiropodist in Surrey can address the issue. In most cases, fungal toenails may take months to cure. In order to avoid fungal toenails, seeking time to time foot care is essential.

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People who are at the risk of developing fungal toenails

Fungal toenails are a common syndrome. The fact is toe-nails are most likely to get affected with such fungal infection. People in their sixties are more likely to experience fungal toe-nails. Younger people are at risk as well. Athletes and sometimes swimmers get affected by fungal toenails. A major reason is because of their prolong exposure to waters; athletes who have to wear covered sports shoes for prolonged periods of time also face fungal toenails.

The main causes for developing fungal toe-nails 

  • Fungal toenails develop from fungus-infected skin. The athlete’s foot, a fungal infection occurs in toes. Later it spreads to toenails.
  • Fungal toenails can also turn out to be a major reason for fingernail infections. The fungus mostly spreads from toes which become itchy when affected by the fungus. Repeated scratching of the toes spreads the infection.
  • Also fungal toenails develop when an individual stays exposed to water for prolonged periods, daily. Chefs, hairdressers, and cleaners most often suffer from fungal toenails. Constant wetness of the feet or fingers causes this painful condition.
  • Sometimes toe-nails which get damaged are likely to get infected due to fungal growth. If you have recently got injured or have experienced damage to your toe-nail, rush to visit a chiropodist in Surrey. The expert will address the condition for you.

Sometimes fungal toe-nails arise from various diseases which mostly include diabetes; poor circulation related problems, psoriasis and impaired immune system. Whatever the cause may be, remember to seek expert advice from a chiropodist in Surrey.

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