Despite their strength to carry the upper part of the body, our feet are known to be intricate. They need care for proper functioning. It is a fact that regular wear and tear takes a toll on the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones of the feet. This particular area of the body is also considered to be the most complex of all. Hence, people who undergo various types of foot-related problems are recommended foot surgery in Surrey. Here is what you should know about the different types of foot surgeries that are conducted by podiatrists:

foot surgery in surrey

Metatarsal surgery: The metatarsal bones are a cluster of five bones. These bones are long and are generally found among tarsal bones and phalanges. Arthritis may cause small joints on the foot to become sore and swollen. They turn arthritic as a result of which inflammation occurs along the joint lining. Further, this leads to MTPJ dislocation. As a result, a person may experience intense pain as well as discomfort. However, a podiatrist may or may not recommend foot surgery in Surrey depending upon the intensity of injury which a person has experienced. While there are other treatments that can help control such painful situations, Surgery is indeed considered a highly effective medical option. Situations turn controllable after the surgery.

Bunion surgery: Bunions are a common form of deformity which occurs on the foot. A study has shown that women are more likely to be affected by bunions. A common reason is that they often choose footwear affecting the alignment of the feet. As a result, bony structures protrude from the first toe of the foot which again cause the former to get inclined towards other toes. Bunions are also called Hallux valgus. This deformity turns out to be really painful unless a foot surgery is conducted. The metatarsals, as well as the big toe, get affected due to this deformity. During surgery, the toe is straightened along with the metatarsal bones. It takes around 6 weeks to recover from the surgery.

Plantar Fasciitis: There is a tissue that extends from your heel to your toes. It is otherwise termed as plantar fasciitis. When the tissue turns inflamed it becomes difficult for a person to move freely without much difficulty. However, podiatrists may not always recommend foot surgery to cure plantar fasciitis. As the condition worsens, it prevents a person from carrying out daily activities. An expert may then recommend surgery.

Achilles tendon: The Achilles tendon is delicate and in case of an injury it may get badly affected. Regular wear tear is often considered a major reason for rupturing of the tendon. It helps you to walk and run. Hence if the tendon gets affected, a podiatrist may recommend surgery in the worst of cases.

There are various other foot conditions which may demand foot surgery in Surrey. Seeking expert advice on any kind of discomfort or deformity of the foot is crucial.

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