Don’t Let Corns and Calluses Interfere in Your Wellbeing

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16 03-2020
Don’t Let Corns and Calluses Interfere in Your Wellbeing

Corns and calluses are not only painful but can also be annoying at times. The painful condition develops from thickened skin. They mostly occur in areas which have undergone repeated pressure for a longer time. If you too are experiencing such painful skin problem, don’t waste a minute. Go ahead and make an appointment with a podiatrist in Surrey. Some of the major symptoms for corns and calluses have been mentioned below:

  • When you suddenly come across bump on your skin
  • A hard and thickened patch on your skin
  • Flaky skin
  • Tenderness in the area where the skin has thickened

Podiatrist Surrey

Most corns and calluses are treated by a podiatrist in Surrey. However, the skin problem can also be treated at home. Some medicated products are available these days which when applied in an appropriate way can instantly bring down the pain and help a person find relief. In order to treat corns and calluses at home, you will firstly require applying a topical cream to break down the thickened skin. Salicylic acid is the major component which is used for treating such hardened skin. The best way to reduce such occurrence is by avoiding circumstances leading to increased pressure causing corns and calluses. The problem is common among people who suffer from poor circulation. Even people suffering from fragile skin have a tendency to suffer from corns and calluses.

An insight into corns and calluses 

While corn is referred to the thickened skin at a more localized area, calluses take place over a flattened area. Corns are either circular or conical in shape. Corns often appear translucent, waxy and even dry.

Corns, as well as calluses, mostly occur in various areas, especially the feet and fingers. It’s true that corns are smaller structures but they can be very painful and will need immediate intervention by a podiatrist in Surrey.

Some common areas where corns develop include: 

  • Bottom of your feet
  • On exterior of the pinky toe which gets rubbed mostly by the shoes you wear
  • Sometimes it can occur between your fourth and pinky toe

Some corns are hard to identify. They appear like flesh making them hard to distinguish. These types of corn are mostly messy and whitish and are soft by nature. Hard corns, on the other hand, occur in various other areas. If you are suffering from corns and calluses on your foot, visit a podiatrist in Surrey and get the problem corrected.

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