Why You Need to Blame Your Shoes for Fungal Toe Nails

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18 01-2020
Why You Need to Blame Your Shoes for Fungal Toe Nails

This is an alert for people who care less about their foot hygiene and footwear. Yes! Fungal toenails are vicious spores that live long in your toenails without letting you know, till the time the condition turns severe. These spores thrive in shoes, clothing, bedding, furniture and even rugs. So, next time you step onto a rug, slip into shoes or put some clothing on making sure these spores are not penetrating into your body. The most common foot condition people face is a fungal toenail. However, it can be treated by a chiropodist or a podiatrist in Surrey.

podiatrist in Surrey

How fungal toe nails infest your feet

Fungal nail infections can occur at any time and may take months to cure. Sometimes when the infection is too severe, an individual may require visiting a podiatrist in Surrey for medical examination and treatment. Treating a severe fungal toenail is not easy. It may even take years to heal up completely. Sometimes, the condition can cause further complications by giving rise to cellulitis which may proceed towards other parts of the skin and allow bacteria to spread in the body. Hence visiting a foot care clinic becomes a necessity. At times a podiatrist may suggest minor surgeries in order to get rid of fungal toenails completely.

Cellulitis may enter the bloodstream when not treated on time, and all of this can happen because of wearing shoes which are already infested with the fungus. The fungus called tinea pedis causing athlete’s foot lives in shoes mostly. They can thrive in a moist environment and sometimes in dryer surroundings. So, it’s not quite a good idea to overrule your sandals or flip-flops from the list. Tinea pedis stays in the footwear and believe it or not they live for days. Our feet like other parts of the body shed dead skin which may be affected by tinea pedis. Hence the fungus may wait inside the shoes till the time you again slip into them.

Fungal spores thrive mostly in moist conditions. However, they can also thrive in a dryer environment, which makes it obvious why everyone should take care of their shoes and keep them clean. Also, if an individual faces this threatening condition, it is advisable that the person should seek the advice of a podiatrist in Surrey.

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