One of the main reasons why the demand for foot surgeries has enhanced drastically in the last few years is because it is one of the most preferred procedures that can help a great deal in easing the pain in your leg. All you need to do is approach a reliable podiatrist and they will suggest the ideal surgery you need after assessing your foot condition.

The rate of recovery increases if you can follow the orders and tips of your surgeon and have patience. The pace of healing differs from one patient to another as there are various elements which determine the length of your recovery period. The best person to talk with is your foot surgeon. They can even share with you a few cool tips to keep your foot and ankle protected after the surgery and help in fast recovery.

Undergoing Foot Surgery In Surrey? 4 Cool Tips For Quick Recovery

Foot Surgery in Surrey

  • Follow Prescribed Medicines

Managing the pain in your foot becomes easier when you take the medication suggested by your Podiatrist in Surrey as prescribed. Not only do you have to follow their prescription during the surgery but also before and after it. This will not only help in minimising the pain but also speed-up the healing process. Make sure you have your medicines as prescribed and not in excess just because you want to recover faster. Though you might feel a wave of nausea after the surgery, you doctor will prescribe a medication to suppress it.

  • Choose Your Podiatrist Wisely

Not everyone undergoing a foot surgery or looking for foot care in Surrey is aware of the fact that the success rate of the treatment is dependent on the expertise and efficiency of your foot surgeon. Not only do you have to visit them for the surgery but also schedule a few check-ups after the surgery. Look for someone who has the knowledge to deal with every sort of ailment in your foot.

  • Consider The Swelling

Though it is normal for your feet to swell a bit after the surgery, take every step necessary to keep the swelling under control. Pain and discomfort might complement the swelling so consult your doctor is the issue persists. The easiest way to minimise it is by elevating your feet above your hip at least for a few days or weeks after the operation. You can also place an ice pack over the affected area after every few hours or as suggested by your surgeon.

  • Don’t Put Excess Weight On Your Foot

Though the rate of healing is dependent on the type of foot surgery in Surrey you have undergone, it generally takes around 6 months to 1 year to recover completely. Following your podiatrist’s order to avoid lifting heavy weights and putting less pressure on your feet will ensure speedy recovery. Wait till your foot heals completely before you put weight on it. Avoiding any sort of strenuous activity during the healing period and undergoing physical therapies on a regular basis are highly advisable.

These being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and recovering after your foot surgery will become easier.

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